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caseLike other foreign trade salesmen in DOWELL, YY works in front of the computer every day, day after day, looking for customers, replying, sending samples and so on. She always treats every customer sincerely.

Many times, specially in tenders requirement, on the basis of carefully checking and ensuring product quality requirement, some clients send back our quotation is high, the price of other suppliers is better. However, we can ensure that it is the best price under the same quality.

It was a telecom bid from Greece, the product is a copper series module, which was sold well since 2000. It can be said as an old product with a very thin profit. Therefore, we confirmed that the other party's price will be different in plastic parts, contact and even product package. To earn the client’s trust, we have prepared the specification details corresponding to the product quotation, and tell them how to compare the quality of these products, specifying the product material, gold plating thickness, package, testing, etc. we recommend the customer to check the samples first, and we accept the comparison of several of other suppliers. Because we deeply know that samples tell more than we simply say in the email that "our price is the best and the material is the best, we doubt that the material of other quoted products is not as good as ours ". If customers choose quality and less complaints, we are confident of our advantages. As a result, we received customers' orders as expected, they won the bid, and our products won them a good reputation, later our client won the contract in the next few years.

Now we had worked for many years and build up good trust to each other. Mutual profit supports both parties be stronger partners in competition.

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