Fiber Optic Boxes

Fiber optic boxes are used in fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) applications for protecting and managing optical fiber cables and their components. These boxes are made of various materials such as ABS, PC, SMC, or SPCC and provide mechanical and environmental protection for the fiber optics. They also allow for proper inspection and maintenance of fiber management standards.

A fiber optic cable terminal box is a connector that terminates a fiber optic cable. It is used to split the cable into a single fiber optic device and mount it on a wall. The terminal box provides fusion between different fibers, the fusion of fiber and fiber tails, and the transmission of fiber connectors.

A fiber optic splitter box is compact and ideal for protecting fiber cables and pigtails in FTTH applications. It is commonly used for end termination in residential buildings and villas. The splitter box can be managed effectively and adapted to a variety of optical connection styles.

DOWELL offers various sizes and capacities of FTTH fiber optic termination boxes for both indoor and outdoor applications. These boxes can accommodate 2 to 48 ports and provide solid protection and management for FTTx network buildings.

Overall, fiber optic boxes are critical components in FTTH applications, providing protection, management, and proper inspection for optical fiber cables and their components. As a leading telecom manufacturer in China, DOWELL offers various solutions for clients' applications.