KD-M Network Cable Tester

Short Description:

Network Wire Cable fault locator is the latest instrument specialized in tracking of various commonly used cable and wire. The set composed of an emitter and a receiver and the pair allows us to find target wire among plenty rapidly and accurately. The receiver has both sound and LED signal indicators. By comparing the volume of the “tout” sound, you can find the target wire with the highest volume.

  • Model: DW-8103
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    ● Find wire on all types of connected operating Ethernet switch/router/PC terminal

    ● New function - find USB Cable!

    ● Directly insert telephone wire with RJ11 plug into the RJ11, RJ45 plug into the RJ45 socket of the wire trackers emitter

    ● Push DIP switch of emitter to position of SCAN/TEST then wire finding indicator status flashes meaning normal work of emitter

    ● Press downward the inching button

    ● Use the probe of receiver to find target wire at the other end

    ● During testing, function switchover button can be pressed for switchover of dual-tone

    ● Finding function: for telephone, network and electric wires

    ● Collation function

    ● Open or short circuits testing functions

    ● DC level testing function

    ● Telephone line signal detect

    ● Low-voltage alarm function

    ● Earphone function

    ● Spotlight function

    ● Telecom post bureaus/net bars/telecom engineering companies/network engineering companies / power supplies/army and other departments requiring wire

    ● Power supply: 9V DC battery (Not included)

    ● Signal transmission format: multiple frequency impulse

    ● Distance of signal transmission: >3km




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