Rubber Splicing Tape 23

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Rubber Splicing Tape 23 is a high-quality tape that is based on Ethylene propylene rubber (EPR). It is designed to provide reliable splicing and terminating of electrical cables with ease. One of the key features of this tape is its self-fusing properties, which means that it creates a strong bond with itself without the need for any additional adhesives or glues. This feature ensures that the tape stays in place and prevents any moisture or dirt from getting in.

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    Moreover, Rubber Splicing Tape 23 boasts excellent electrical properties, which means that it provides superior insulation and protection against electrical faults. It is also highly UV-resistant, making it perfect for outdoor applications. It is compatible with all solid dielectric cable insulation, which makes it a versatile choice for a wide range of applications.


    This tape is designed to be used in extreme temperatures, with a recommended working temperature range of -55℃ to 105℃. This means that it can be used in harsh climates or environments without losing its efficiency. The tape is available in black color, making it easy to spot in different surroundings.


    Furthermore, Rubber Splicing Tape 23 comes in three different sizes: 19mm x 9m, 25mm x 9m, and 51mm x 9m, catering to different splicing needs. However, if these sizes do not meet the user's requirements, other sizes and packing can be made available upon request.


    In summary, Rubber Splicing Tape 23 is a top-quality tape that offers excellent adhesive and electrical properties, making it a reliable solution for splicing and terminating electrical cables. Its versatility and compatibility with different insulation materials make it a popular choice for many professionals working in the electrical industry.

    Property Testing Method Typical Data
    Tensile Strength ASTM D 638 8 lbs/in (1.4 KN/m)
    Ultimate Elongation ASTM D 638 10
    Dielectric Strength IEC 243 800 V/mil (31.5 Mv/m)
    Dielectric Constant IEC 250 3
    Insulation Resistance ASTM D 257 1x10∧16 Ω·cm
    Adhesive and Self-amalgamation Good
    Oxygen Resistance PASS
    Flame Retardant PASS

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    Jacking on high-voltage splices and terminations. Supply Moisture sealing for electrical connections and high-voltage cables.

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