Telecom Connector

DOWELL is a trusted provider of telecom connection systems for outdoor copper telecom projects. Their product series includes connectors, modules, tapes, and 8882 gel, all designed to ensure long-lasting cable performance even in harsh environments.

One of the key features of the system is the use of Scotchlok IDC butt connectors. These connectors use wire insulation displacement contact and are filled with a sealant to provide moisture resistance. This ensures that the cables remain protected even in wet or humid conditions.

The vinyl electrical tape and vinyl mastic tape included in the system provide moisture-tight electrical and mechanical protection with minimum bulk. They are easy to use and provide a reliable solution for protecting cables against environmental factors.

The 8882 gel is a clear, moisture-proof encapsulation for buried cable splices. It provides an additional layer of protection against moisture and ensures that the cables remain functional for a long time.

The Armorcast structural material is a flexible fiberglass knit fabric strip saturated with a black urethane resin syrup that is resistant to various environmental factors. This provides longevity with minimal maintenance. It is a reliable solution for cable protection in telecom projects.

Overall, DOWELL's telecom connection system series offers reliable solutions for cable connection and protection in outdoor copper telecom projects. These products are designed to ensure long-lasting cable performance even in harsh environments, providing peace of mind to those who use them.