Compression Crimping Tool For Coaxial Cable RG59 RG6 On F Connectors

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Introducing our most advanced compression crimp tool, designed for use with RG59 and RG6 coaxial cables and F-type connectors. With this tool, you can easily and safely terminate coaxial cables, ensuring reliable and high-quality connections.

  • Model: DW-8046
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    This versatile tool is not limited to coaxial cables. It can also be used to terminate Cat 5e cables to EZ-RJ45 modular plugs, providing a one-stop solution for your cable termination needs. No need for multiple tools or equipment - the compression crimp tool does it all!

    One of the standout features of this tool is its handy cable trimmer. With just one motion, you can effortlessly trim excess cable for a clean, precise cut every time. This saves you time and energy by eliminating the hassle of using extra tools or manually trimming cables.

    Compression crimping tools are designed with precision and durability in mind. Its ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip for prolonged use without straining your hands. Sturdy construction ensures the tool can withstand the rigors of professional use, making it a dependable companion for installers, technicians and hobbyists alike.

    For added versatility, the compression crimp tool is compatible with a range of cable types and sizes. From thinner RG59 cables to thicker RG6 cables, the tool can seamlessly handle them all without compromising performance. Its ability to work with a wide variety of cable types makes it the tool of choice for any project, be it residential, commercial or industrial.

    Achieving secure and reliable connections is critical, especially when it comes to data and signal transmission. With compression crimping tools, you can trust that your connections will be made with precision and strength, minimizing signal loss and ensuring uninterrupted performance.

    Buying a compression crimp tool is a smart decision for anyone working with coaxial and Cat 5e cables. Its versatility, convenient cable trimmer and sturdy construction make it the tool of choice for easily terminating and trimming cables. Upgrade your cable termination process today and experience the efficiency and reliability our compression crimping tools bring to your bench.

    Products Ppecifications
    Cable Type: Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6
    Color: Blue
    Finish: Rust-resistant black oxide
    Type: Stripper/Cutter/Termination
    UN SPS C: 27112147
    Height Metric: 4 cm
    Height U S: 1.59"
    Length U S: 8"
    Length Metric: 20.3 cm
    Material: Steel

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