FTTH Accessories

FTTH Accessories are devices used in FTTH projects. They include both indoor and outdoor construction accessories such as cable hooks, drop wire clamps, cable wall bushings, cable glands, and cable wire clips. The outdoor accessories are usually made of nylon plastic and stainless steel for durability, while the indoor accessories must use fire-resistant material.

Drop Wire Clamp, also known as FTTH-CLAMP, is used in FTTH network construction. It is made of stainless steel, aluminum, or thermoplastic, ensuring high corrosion resistance. There are stainless steel and plastic drop wire clamps available, suitable for flat and round drop cables, supporting one or two pair drop wires.

Stainless Steel Strap, also called stainless steel band, is a fastening solution used to attach industrial fittings and other devices to poles. It is made of 304 stainless steel and has a rolling ball self-locking mechanism with a tensile strength of 176 lbs. Stainless steel straps offer excellent corrosion resistance and strength, making them suitable for high heat, extreme weather, and vibration environments.

Other FTTH Accessories include wire casing, cable draw hooks, cable wall bushings, hole wiring ducts, and cable clips. Cable bushings are plastic grommets inserted into walls to provide a clean appearance for coaxial and fiber optic cables. Cable drawing hooks are made of metal and used for hanging hardware.

These accessories are essential for FTTH cabling, providing efficient and reliable solutions for network construction and operation.